Stag Islands

Looking west from the top of Srđ, your sight is drawn to the topic of this post. Do you see a stag? Well, some do, although there are two theories as to how the Elaphiti islands (elaphos meaning stag in greek) got their name. The first, as indicated above, is that this group of islands resembles a stag looking from the top of the mountain Srđ, and the other, maybe more reliable one is that the islands were home to stags when they were inhabited by Greeks, around the first century.
So, our stag is made up of 13 islands, islets and cliffs.The largest ones in this constellation of green paradises are Šipan, Lopud and Kalamota. Let us start with the latter.


Also called Koločep, it is the only Croatian island with two names, but the name used by the natives and more, in general, is Kalamota. This island is the most south inhabited Croatian island, and counts around a hundred people. The cove Donje čelo (literally translated lower forehead) is accented with the sandy beach Ingalo which, as it is still the case with the Šunj beach at Lopud, used to stretch about a hundred meters into the sea.
Kalamota is covered in forest and indigenous plants. It is the perfect place for a walk along the seaside which you cant top of with a light lunch or a coffee at the local restaurant or bar. The outer side of the island offers a magnificent view of the open sea which, especially at night, is something you can’t afford to miss out on.


Further west when you exit the port of Kalamota, the largest island of the Elaphiti emerges. Lopud is not all cliff and trees, but if it was it would still be a spot worth your while.
The islands rocky impression is softened by the beautiful sandy beach in the bay of Šunj. Shallow clear waters extend more than a hundred meters into the bay giving one a perfect opportunity for complete relaxation.
If the tirelessly shining sun becomes a bit too much just go up the beach to one of the bars or restaurants. You could even lear one of the popular card games played by the natives. But a bit of advice, more experienced players, and you will recognize them by the crowd forming around them, have developed a mind-reading technique and you should proceed with caution. Frustration will get a whole new meaning.

If you decide to take the land rode from Šunj to the main port you are in for a bit of an adventure. The nature is untouched and the birds and crickets just the right volume for the perfect nature walk.

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