As a kind of a foreword for the tail that is Hvar, we will today guide you through the verses of Šćedro.

Nature Park

This island is a protected nature park anchored just by the south side of Hvar. Is a kind of a rule for islands of the Adriatic, Šćedro is a place of numerous coves and bays, with untouched flora and fauna, surrounded by the most crystal clear of seas.
The depths around the islands testify to Great historic events which took place there. The most prominent is for sure the battle between Pompey and Caesar 48 BC. Since those antique times, Šćedro is well known for its safe and protected anchorages. Šćedro is today home to just a few, although you can find more people and visitors in the summer.

Uninhabited paradise

Mostir is an occasional settlement at the north part of the island with a beautiful little beach. If you are lucky enough to be at mustard on the first Wednesday of July, put your dancing shoes on and prepare for the “Feast of Šćedro”. With exquisite domestic wine and traditionally prepared delicacies, you are in for a treat. Near Mostir, but a bit to the west another occasional settlement can be visited. Lovišće is a large bay made up of three creeks. With dining possibilities in the summer, it offers great protection from winds, except the ones coming from the north.

The island has no electricity or running water but relies on the energy of the sun, rainwater and aggregates. Šćedro might possibly be the most peaceful and poetic island of the Adriatic. Fishing, greeting the Sun at sunrise, relaxing on the shores of this intact island is a paradise for all seeking true peace of mind. It just might be everything you need before, or after, you visit Hvar.

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