Special offer - Transfers from Dubrovnik

Key features

  1. 30% discount from original price
  2. Up to 6 guests
  3. Three hours to Hvar
  4. Prestigious yacht

On June 8 we offer private boat transfer from Dubrovnik at amazing discount of more than 50%!

Dubrovnik - Hvar

From €3,100 to 1,500

Dubrovnik - Split

From €3,500 to 2,200

Use this special offer on exclusive VanDutch 32 yacht

VanDutch is globally famous for its simple design, functionality, and lifestyle that surrounds the brand. It has numerous collaborations with luxury brands such as Dior, McLaren, and Hublot, thanks to its recognition. In addition to many partnerships, significant celebrities own VanDutch yachts. There are three VanDutch yachts in Croatia, and Hermes is one of them.

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