Versatile boats for all types of holidays


From sight to sound

the sensation of speed on the water is like no other. Motor boats come in all sizes and can include a variety of features customized for activities such as water skiing, donut rides, fishing and more. A sleek machine suitable for those looking for some relaxing downtime, or an easily attainable adrenaline rush!

Recommended for:

Mainly used for half day and full day tours, water sports activities or as a convenient transfer method from the mainland and in between islands. Don’t get the wrong idea – while some motor boats are fast, they have the necessary safety features and are perfectly suitable for families with children.

Motor boats with cabins can also be used for both short and long overnight trips. If you are looking to cover a number of islands between Dubrovnik and Split, in a shorter period of time, a motor boat might just be the right solution for you.

From: €160/day

Below is a selection of some of our boats