Inspired by the Adriatic, driven by the wind!


Dubrovnik Charter is a small agency specialized in boat rentals all across Croatia. With years of experience in the nautical industry we specialize in offering a diverse fleet that can satisfy even the most unique trip requirements. So whether you are looking for a short island hopping adventure, or a week’s journey on board a fully equipped, well-maintained sailing boat, be sure we’ve got you covered!

In the past we have worked closely with individual and group boat rentals, organising tours for honeymooners, smaller to larger groups of friends & family, as well as corporate team-building events. We recognise the importance of having a trustworthy contact so we make sure to be available for help and tips every step of the way.

Our team is made up of creative, ambitious and intuitive sea men and women. We use our local expertise to make boat rental convenient and to ultimately bring the joy of sailing to you. Exploring Croatia’s crystal clear seas has never been easier.

Company details: Nautical booking d.o.o. / Lozica 10 Dubrovnik, Croatia


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CEO and project manager of Dubrovnik Charter

Pjero Kusijanovic / Linked In

Owner and CEO

Born and raised in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Pjero has lived his entire life next to the beautiful Adriatic sea. Inheriting his grandfather’s small wooden boat, he was quickly taught how to maneuver and navigate the little vessel and it didn’t take him a long time to start exploring the nearby bays and islands. During his highschool years he completed his skipper course and soon began doing tours for visiting travellers. After finishing highschool, each summer Pjero worked as a skipper on board larger sailing and motor yachts, working on weekly charters. He travelled the Dalmatian coast, visited the islands, met many other people in the nautical industry and learned a great deal about the many forms of boat rentals along the way. After he finished college, it was only logical that he would open up his very own charter agency. 6 years later, here we are with Dubrovnik Charter being one of the leading boat rental agencies in Dubrovnik’s region.

Sales and marketing specialist of Dubrovnik Charter

Sara Matic / Linked In

Sales & Marketing

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, raised in Doha, Qatar, living in Dubrovnik, Croatia, it’s hard to say where Sara is actually from. Living the expat life, Sara had a chance to meet people from all over the world, taking the best from each location she lived in. Her sense for communication and compassion became natural and unravelled into her drive for working in tourism. During her college years, Sara had an opportunity for part time work, that later turned into a full time job, educating large international and local hotel groupations about online sales and revenue management. Quickly picking up on trends and learning about the needs and wants of travelers, Sara had yet another work opportunity open in Dubrovnik Charter. Today she takes care of our clients, manages our business relationships, facilitates daily operations and nourishes healthy business growth.